December 10, 2008

More on Preparation

Preparation will never prepare a person for moments of humbling stumbling with words. I found out this morning when I glanced up during reading that I became nervous. More like afraid to loose my place as I have yet to use my finger to follow the text. Well at least I was louder today and that was a good thing. One thing I am discovering reading God's Word aloud is the emotion that goes with it when His Word is felt deep within the heart. Preparation does not give any heads up when it's done prior.

I've noticed how much His Word truly does touch me. It's is always a hope that more people will know this gift of his love as well. Monsignor Gosselin asked a question this morning that prompted a respose of same-o, same-o. I know on Sunday a moment during the Homily I knew a smile spread across my face, but recall the words that he spoke, now that is tough. The one word that seems to have stayed is Eternity.

I've been running errands as well as take my dad to the eye doctor yesterday. Among that I truly began to clean out my room. I began to look back at pictures and found a big chance in my living quarters. I had took down some shelves to make room for a desk and in the process of building up a computer area, it seems I've accumulated out dated and unused equipment that is taking up space. When I looked at what is there and what looks like a hodgepodge of things, all I wanted to do was to remove it all and simplify in greater degrees. What on earth is all this junk. Where was the day when we had less and found life more in harmony than it is in todays world.

What's truly funny out of it all is the fact that I had purchased one of those digital frames with the thought of placing the pictures of the Eucharist so I could see if they show very well. Originally I would have needed a lap top in order to either enlarge or darken the pictures for the images to be seen. But once I put some of the pictures in the digital frame, I was amazed at how well they show. This lovely thing I have sitting on my desk where I can enjoy seeing spectacular images of my beloved. Some of those moments would not prepare me to see him in a greater light as each individual picture is presented. What I saw before did not prepare me for seeing him in a geater way and I love him all the more for this special gift of his grace. If only others could see him this way and come to faith for the fact that they too have seen the face of Jesus and that of God for they are one. A hardened heart may see but not always will they change in regards to the enormity of who they saw. Pray for their souls.

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