December 24, 2008

La Salette Shrine

Sometimes days don't always start out so good especially when there is a need for spiritual cleansing. Not always knowing for certain the why of it, but the end result is a renewal. All I knew is I needed reconciliation. Yesterday morning I thought about going to an area Church that offers confession and toyed with the thought of heading to Stockbridge to the Divine Mercy Shrine as well. But the thought of LaSalette poked through so I grabbed my camera and headed east. I even managed to take the wrong exit to get there and found myself on a very busy route 1 and attempted to hopefully get there in time to receive the Sacrament of Penance before Mass.

It was close for sure with less than ten minutes to pay a visit to the restroom then to the Reconciliation Chapel and then hopefully be in the Church before Mass. The timing all came about beautifully too. Part of God's plan for sure. I have found that when things happen according to his plan things flow very smoothly.

The Nativity scene is absolutely beautiful as shown by this picture.

Part of the evening included a 45 minute concert by Father Pat, but my eyes tend to focus on the central figure that is hanging on the Cross or the tabernacle where our Lord is ever present.

This one is in the direction of the Stations of the Cross and the outdoor Chapel where the Creche is. A statue of Jesus is holding the large anchor. I took quite a few pictures but most of them came out very dark. I used the flash too. Some of the pictures inside the Church came out dark too, but the inside lighting was also lower. This year it seems the season of lights are extended to Epiphany which is January 4. So if anyone in the surrounding area would like they are more than welcome to see for themselves a beautiful setting on Holy Ground.

Include a visit to one of Father Pat's concerts it's amazing how words can touch a heart. For the past few years I have experienced quite a bit when attending a concert, this time as well. "Holy Light" was quite strong and this is on a second time that it came across again. Sometimes I wonder what significance they have for me. Just like when I receive them in my sleep or at Mass. I think I was in denial about this gift and the relating of it over the years. I didn't understand it too well, but then again when God chooses his time to reveal things to a heart he does it magnificently. One thing that being at Mass or in a Church is the joy that I feel when I am doing God's will.

What I would like to do is also invite those who read this blog to also listen to Father Pat's beautiful music and hopefully obtain a DVD called "Tears of Love" a delightful video with very beautiful songs about Mary. It's all about our Blessed Mother and her love for us. After all she said "Yes" and gave us Jesus. Without her we all would be in the dark.

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