November 18, 2008

Treasures of Faith

How much in our day do we associate with our Lord. Such as moments that bring Gospel to life or a simple message of faith. I've asked some pretty specific questions of God lately and lately I have also been receiving those answers to those very important questions regarding a huge part of my life and the direction it's in. I am mentioning this for a reason, because the other day I mentioned the tree falling and how it formed a cross. Today as I was bringing the trash barrels back up via from the trunk of the car, a wheeled cart had fallen out exactly where the fallen tree cross is. Because of my strong belief I put both together, not so much as fallen but more along with the cart as a carrier with the final logic of carrying our cross as did Jesus.

A person doesn't have to be brilliant but more along the line of alive in faith to see the two as a whole. Someone else might not have put it together either way, just a fallen tree and a cart without ever seeing the richness of it's symbolism. In the eyes of faith! Within this past whole week it has been very alive in faith and much has brought my heart to a fuller understanding of God's absolute love. Those years that I had the grace to have seen him in the Eucharist has finally prepared me for the journey of a lifetime. One that is filled with love. He has made my way clear as I continue to listen to the harmony that wells up within my soul.

Even though this had it's special place, I was still taken unawares when I stood in the one spot where I look off into the distance and ponder the love within. It was just after contemplating so much of what has been going on that I saw two bluebirds nearby. The bluebirds of happiness, isn't that what they are called. Well anyway, I was awed by them because I never saw any back there before. So I headed back to the house to get my camera to take a picture. But when I got back there I heard them but didn't see them again until I saw way up in the sky dart off so fast it was unbelievable the speed they moved and disappeared from sight. I never did get a picture but it will always be imbeded in my heart.

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