November 12, 2008

Some Hope

The last few days have been anxious ones. Not only pondering my last test results, but also enduring what seems an endless nagging knee ache. Yesterday was an odd day and what seemed was going to be a very early off to bed. But I ended up doing something quite out of the ordinary. Instead of turning EWTN on just before bed, I ended up a few channels down the list and began to watch a show called HOUSE. When I was in school a few years ago already, we watched two different episodes. That's what I ended up seeing last night. I was transfixed by the show that I watched not one but two. I realized how easily it was to do it too. Fasting from watching television has its merits but just like food when something tastes real good we can over indulge unless we govern our selves with extra effort to keep it from getting out of control. Which can happen. My excessive weight seems to be a result from indulging a bit too much and on that fasting wouldn't hurt but would help a great deal.

Well anyway, this morning I was all set to do a few things, but LaSalette kept popping in my thoughts so strongly. I couldn't shake it, so finally I got ready and left. I had no clue as to why there was such a strong urge to go, I figure God has his reasons and not to question it. I had a pleasant drive as long as I kept the leg as straight as possible to minimize pain. I did arrive in time for the Noon Mass, and was surprised to see Father Pat doing a regular mass. I was baffled about being there myself, I must have thought to myself how is this possible a few times. I still had no clue as to why I was there and the reason for it. I remember someone had said to me, it's possible I was meant to listen to and hear specific words that might be spoke in a homily or be given a beautiful smile from a stranger and only God knows the purpose as to why the urge was there.

And tonight we had scripture sharing and that brought me to a final conclusion to part of the day. The prompting and going all had to do with God's Will and how truly important it was in the first place to even listen and know deep in my heart what was asked of me. I don't question it anymore as I used to. After all these years through so much of what I have come to learn, I found trust and love in God even deeper than it was before. What I have also found is renewed strength to continue.

I also got my results from the MRI, I have a torn cartiladge in my knee. Now it's wait for an appointment with an orthopedic Dr and go from there. The doctors office said it might be weeks before I get see one. Well one can only hope in that regard, but patience and not overdoing will help alot.

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