November 26, 2008


There is one thing about trials in our life and it's how we look to God. Some only seek him when it's very crucial and some only at the time they feel it would make a difference on whether they go up or down. At least at these moments they are seeking him. It may not be what God would prefer from us and since the beginning we've seen the changes in how we have come to worship him. One would think that we were being fine tuned like an instrument.

We are all given moments to contemplate but some don't see. I suppose when illness is part of your life, viewing how life is becomes different. It's not taken for granted nor is it abused. But then again there are many whose faith is not strong at all and again they do not see the hand that guides them. How is it that God can direct do so much and so many fail. Kind of like school and tests, some ace them and then some fail them. The degree of how much we put into it will determine how well it turns out. Life it seems has so many ways of letting us see how we really do parallel God's Word in many ways. Take a moment throughout the day and pause to see where in your day might reflect upon God's Word. Look back at moments in your life and find those amazing moments when faith and life walk hand in hand. Those moments when Jesus took us and guided us every step of the way.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Pia said...

So glad you mom is feeling better, MC.

Marie Cecile said...

It's slow going but each day is a bit better with a few hurdles along the way. Thank you Pia.

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