November 18, 2008

Not One But Three

The last few days have been wondrous ones. I returned to LaSalette on Sunday to give a bunch of books for their upcoming book sale. I also stayed for the Portuguese healing Mass, which I didn't understand at all, since I don't speak it. Maybe that's why Latin is universal and understood by all when it's done in unity throughout the Church. Well anyway, I purchased that day the Novena to the Sacred Heart.

Yesterday, was an awe filled day. It was a day spent in prayer. I went to St. Josephs Abbey in Spencer Ma, where to my delight I was drawn to the book entitled Holy Spirit Make Your Home in Me. I spent some wonderful time in the Abbey Chapel, it's so peaceful there. And from there as I headed home I stopped at St. Annes Shrine in Sturbridge where I came across a prayer book that felt so right in my hands. It's called the New Saint Joseph People's Prayer Book. I took a stroll up the hill to where the Holy Stairs are located and sat gazing up at our Crucified Lord. My knee did pretty good, as long as I take care not to strain the tear.

What a wonderful last few days, and God provided so well on this journey. For me it was truly a blessing. It was a day that the Holy Spirit guided my every step. The prayers that were said flowed beautifully. I now know more than ever that what God did is by his love. Everything up till now has been through his grace and I trust completely all that I know. How truly possible he delivers the answers and shows what is true. His love is that great when a soul is open to his love. And to think I didn't think mine was open enough.

Even I questioned if I had part of my heart closed to him, but upon the last few days I have found that it is open wide.

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