November 16, 2008


On Saturday afternoon I left to go to the Post Office with everything being fine. Just after I drove back up the driveway and parked the car. Just after getting out of the car I heard a tree going down, and from my vantage point I was wondering if I was going to see a log across the driveway. And I was also thankful that I made it past just before it went down to begin with. I took a walk down and checked it out. Nothing to do, thankfully. But this morning was different as I was walking the dog and reflecting. It was a slow limpy walk. I had gone down the driveway prior to this already. But on my way back this time I noticed the fallen tree and how amazingly it had looked like a cross. So I went to take a picture on the way down and on the way back up. I didn't even notice it yesterday or this morning. And yet my thoughts are focused upon God and his Son a huge part of the time.

It's like being blind to a degree and then all at once it's noticed. Some time ago I noticed a stick that was laying on the ground one day, didn't think too much about it. But as I was taking my walk I happened upon it and saw two sticks laying on the ground this time. But it was a perfect placed cross. How odd that it was on the ground just laying there. I remember that day well. I didn't write about it, nor did I mention it to anyone. But this morning jogged that memory of a day not that long ago, maybe two or three months since.

How often in our day do we look at something and totally disregard what we see without realizing those brief moments of grace when God speaks silently with symbols. I use myself as a point of fact in this because I did not notice what was so obvious, yet upon deep reflection of God's love, I saw with greater clarity the cross I never saw prior to that reflection. Sometimes it's in those moments that I see how much the parables Jesus spoke of can easily come to life. I try sometimes too hard to see his way in everything, but it's always in his time when he chooses to open those spiritual eyes when it means learning a lesson. And I love him all the more for allowing me the grace to continue to learn as I grow deeper in love with him.

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