October 18, 2008


I've often wondered why a song would play itself out when it is the last thing that is thought about. This morning the song The Color of Love was present in thought as well as during my sleep the night before. Like a movie being played so was this song. I suppose at this point it may have to do with specific words or just the whole song itself. It really is a beautiful song when thinking about how God may love us as a whole. Since the human race is made up of people who are more or less different colors to us to to him there is no distinction. That is the color of love.

Amazingly I also associate the colors of the rainbow as a spectrum of God's love for us all. When I went to work yesterday, up in the sky in the clouds was a rainbow. We see those every now and then, but yesterday was somehow different. For me it was the quality of the rainbow and how it appeared ever so beautifully in my field of vision. A constant reminder of his love and his covenant to us. So maybe with the song playing out in thought unknowingly in those moments when my thoughts are free from the care of the world, God places a moment to let his love shine through in a most beautiful and loving way for me to understand the significance of the rainbow of his love for all eternity.

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