October 08, 2008


At the end of Route 4a as I began my journey back. The sign is route 4, NH.
A picture from the Rosary Pond of Lake Mascoma.
This is the entrance to the Rosary Pond at La Salette in Enfield, NH.
On my way home from work, I was thinking about La Salette when I saw this glorious rainbow off to my left as I was driving. It was just as I passed a new development called Paradise Creek. So when I reached home and saw this at the front of the house, I went and took my camera and snapped a few shots. This rainbow was absolutely beautiful, a perfect picture of love. And then it was off to Marguerites for a Mass at her house where I go for the prayer Cenacle. This was on Monday evening.

So early on Tuesday my journey began. Not so much to see the fall colors but to empty myself for a fresh start. Every now and then we all need to take moments to reflect and empty ourselves of what we take on in our daily lives. Listening to so much sorrow has a way of weighing down the soul. The journey I take when I go to the mountains helps me to reconnect with a loving God who is ever by our side. The pain in my knee is nothing compared to what Jesus suffered. Sometimes I wonder if I have failed in my mission and in these moments I find renewed strength. My drive home was by far a more peaceful one than it was on my way up there. God does exist that's all I can say. As for the fall colors it was hard to tell, the leaves on some trees were gone the colors were not there. I remember a few years ago at this time up in the Catskills the colors were awesome at this time of year.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Esther said...

Beautiful! Is that the real name of the pond Rosary Pond?

Marie Cecile said...

Esther, there is a small pond inside the Rosary walkway, so I assume it is called the Rosary pond as there is a statue of our Lady placed almost in the middle of it. The Shrine in Attleboro Mass is also called the Rosary Pond since the Rosary goes around the pond. I would guess then that is why they call it that. Across the street from the Shrine is a beautiful Lake. Off to the side of the Rosary is a Peace Walk with signs made in various languages from different parts of the World. The place is absolutely beautiful and I was delighted to see they painted the mysteries and so much more.

Jackie Parkes said...

Beautiful post..

Marie Cecile said...

thank you Jackie!!

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