October 30, 2008

Maybe For The Good

Well I had my tests and passed them. So now it's to focus upon healing the knee. That and menopause, has also struck a chord lately. Hot one moment and cold the next. Not to mention it's also warm in our room at work, but they like it like that and I use my fan. And now for a different avenue of thought about something else entirely.

One thing about God and the Holy Spirit, we are not always prepared for those who seek to harm than to console another in the world. Some do and then some just hang on every word to repeat to another out of the all mighty gossip trip.
We witness this everyday in the media about Politics, the Actors, just about anything that will take the focus off themselves or maybe put the limelight on themselves for the moments that they have the ear of another. The election coming up has done plenty of gossiping as point of fact. Look at how each candidate is misaligned or stories made up, but is the truth ever told. And when it is, is it done with the truth or for the fact that theres a need to harm another. Why are we gossiping and judging as harshly as we are to begin with. Many will point out it is a way of life, but it will not change until those who are in the limelight will bring about the change. Entertainers also have many opportunities to bring about change for the better, but will they? On that note, each of us can also do the same, but will we?

2 Words of Wisdom:

Jackie Parkes said...

Menopause! I'm dreading it! lol

Marie Cecile said...

lol Jackie, perimenopause hits before the real thing with many interesting times of whether if its hit or not. But then that signifies the end of child bearing for many who love to have children. I suppose then that would be the dreadful part.

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