October 16, 2008

Keeper of My Heart

Each day I have anticipated the evening hours when I could read about the goings on about the Word of God at the Vatican. What I read the most is the news of the Vatican and what our beloved Pope has to say. I know there is so much more going on in the world, but focusing upon God and his love and most of all the Word of God itself has helped guide me on my journey in life.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of reflecting and wondering what I might do to continue in the way of bringing God to others. Not just in my actions but as part of my life. I've wondered at times if my actions show God in my life. All too often people we associated with who don't want to be reminded of God's presence will do all sorts of things to kill it in a person who loves God. They don't like the light of God's love and rather be kept in the dark, where love is a void and non existent for others.

I've noticed throughout my life many times how this has happened and I never understood it until I was united and in communion with God. Living in God's love and in the way he asks of us is tough for those who witness it. Especially those who are far away from God. It becomes a reminder of how they too should be and at times they hate it. We all are called to be Holy not just good. That too came to light as well during our Scripture sharing session.

But God is the healer par excellence, he heals us of so many things if only we would open our hearts truly to him. We would see with new eyes his undying love for each of us.

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