October 13, 2008


Saturday my nephew Sean made his Confirmation, what a difference how it is done today as it was done over 30 years ago. One would have thought it would be the same after all these years. It was a delightful mass and a pleasure to see my nephew smile brightly after being confirmed by Monsignor Connolly. That was the joy of receiving the Holy Spirit. But for some it's an accomplishment of their families wishes.

At communion time I received a special blessing of the delightful scent of roses. That was a joy in itself to have the Blessed Mother near by. I thanked her for her love and nearness. It's in those moments that I come to realize how truly close they are to me. These young kids have so much to be thankful for and many times they throw it all away. Even the adults seek consolation in other forms but fail to look to God and the Holy Family.

Even myself when others make mention of how the boss answers the phone and me I falter because I don't know how to respond to those who call and I always come across questions that I can't answer and have to ask others. It's in those moments that they are at the busiest but they know the answer and often will not respond to my call. I have to think about God in those moments when he calls each of us and how we respond, do we do the same as our co-workers when we need help. I think I learn more about the Gospel messages in those moments. It's amazing how knowing God's Word can be in our own lives.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Lindy said...

Congrats to your nephew!
The scent of roses has also happened to me....just two times, but, BOY....was it memorable!!
Hope you have a beautiful week!

Marie Cecile said...

Lindy, I'm so happy for you. And thank you for the congrats for my nephew. Those special moments are what help people believe in the presence of our Blessed Mother. I hope you have a wonderful week as well.

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