September 17, 2008

The Word Is Good

The last few days have been busy ones, a discernment retreat, a healing mass, scripture sharing, all good things. I had a wonderful time and many moments that brought much clarity in the way of discerning. But it was also meeting a new person named Carol as well as seeing Kathy and the Sisters again that brings delight. These are the moments I am always grateful for in my life, when new people enter it and bring the love of God with them. That was a terrific trip to New Hampshire on Tuesday.

I ended my day at St. Cecilia's Church where I came across Jeanette and Eileen of the Prayer Cenacle I go to. They too went to the healing Mass that was done by Father Richard McAlear. They also had gone the evening before, but this was my first time seeing this Priest and attending one of his Masses. It was a delightful day and night. I didn't plan on going up to be anointed, the Mass would have been all I needed but I did and I was happy I did, because the oil that is used has a delightful rose scent to it. Eileen bought me one of Fr. McAlear's Eucharistic Adoration prayer books and had him sign it especially for me. I met him and shook hands, what a delightful Priest. He mentioned Dante and the Divine Comedy when he heard my name. Except in Dante it's a different name but I got what he meant.

And tonight was my first scripture sharing with people from my Parish. It was a small group, and it did what it's supposed to do. Get us to think about the readings that are coming up this weekend. One thing I love about God's Word, it means something totally different for so many people. One could see a reading one way or their way that is in with their faith system in how they may be practicing or how they think without thought on God's Will in it. Or for us to see ourselves in those situations and how we respond to His Word or how we would love our neighbor in response to what the Word reveals.

I know at many times in my life I seem to push people away without realizing it's when I am negative about myself that people want to stay far away even when I relay everything positive for them. I don't know why I'm like that with myself, when I work hard to be positive for others. Maybe with more prayer and discernment I will discover the key to correcting my flaw.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Anonymous said...

God bless I love reading your blog hope your doing well love and blessings

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Joanne for the blessing and well wishes and for your love. God bless you!

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