September 02, 2008


Last night after leaving the prayer cenacle, Mike and I were discussing a few things. Who generally goes to Shrines? Is is mainly Catholics that go or are there Christians of other denominations and non-believers that go as well. The world at large has a huge faith system in varying degrees and ways. Yet we both came to the conclusion that even if something big did happen would people convert and change their hearts because of it.

Just thinking about this, look at the many times we have disasters and rebuild, but out of it all does it strengthen our faith when we come through it. Or do we continually cry about the fact that we were inconvenienced. If a sign showed up tomorrow would people believe or just go about their routine as if it was nothing. It makes me wonder how truly hardened our hearts are in the first place. The many acts of kindness we perform does not guarantee it will change peoples hearts or soften them to the love of God. What would it truly take for people to open their hearts and place God first in their life and believe in his presence.

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