September 21, 2008

Not Perfect, but very Human

Being human means making mistakes. I make plenty of them all the time. Yesterday was one of them. An unforgivable moment when mother and daughter clash. Sometimes in our lives we reveal so much of ourselves to those closest to us and find that those feelings are meaningless in their eyes. My mom is my best friend, I tell her everything. But I found that trust shaken to the core and faith tested as well as the commandments to love, to forgive, to honor. It's hard when your everyday living is at the mercy of another. I'm not perfect in my feelings and when I am at fault for something I will admit it and many a time I will take the blame for somebody else as well.

Life is not always filled with moments of grace, there are days that are at best nasty, that range from anything you can imagine. Husbands and wives, children, friends at times are not agreeable with each other. It's knowing when to admit how wrong we are in our actions and words. Not only saying how sorry we are but taking that step to forgive as well as ask for forgiveness of those we hurt. For many children when a parent breaks a trust in their life, it is hard for them to trust those closest to them. Children who suffer in the world have much need in this regard. Anyway, at times my mom and I will have at it and I honor her and cherish her, we forgive each other, we hug and kiss and clear the air. The Gospel comes out as well in those moments when I know more than anything how my actions hurt another and the words that come out in the heat of the moment. No matter how much we temper ourselves to hold in all the crud it still surfaces in moments when we are weak. It's by God's grace and mercy that we are healed and forgiven for what we do.

When my mom and dad left to get something, when they returned they saw the deer in the backyard. My dad let me know and we were all able to enjoy seeing the mother deer with her two young ones. And with that example of God's loving kindness, it was the care of the mother I saw as she was ever nearby while her young dined. She was ever cautious of anything out of the ordinary. Mothers have a tendency to love and care for their children and I saw that love with my mother for me in those moments.

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