September 06, 2008


I have had the good fortune of being given a cd from Marguerites cousin Paul by Robert Kochis called May The Angels Welcome You. and one by Daniel O'Donnell. It's beautiful to listen to. I haven't quite worn it out yet that's how much I have been playing it. My collection is mostly of John Michael Talbot, Vince Ambrosetti, The Monks of Weston Priory, Father Pat, Josh Groban, Tony Melendez, Interior Castle, and the all time Catholic Classics, Mark Forrest, and many Gregorian Chants and I've missed a few that are not in my field of vision at the moment. So when I received a new one by an entirely different singer, of course then it has become the most popular for listening pleasure. Amazing what music and a wonderful voice can do to a soul. Except hearing a deep male voice somehow stirs the heart and soul, go figure on that.

Even when I hear mens voices when talking to people on the phone and hearing those deep particular ones, I sit in absolute amazement at the beauty of their voice. I always wondered why I love the sound of a male voice even in song. If I knew a singer who sang at that particular level then I could use them as an example of what the deep sound is. Well anyway that's my particular fixation with voices and singing, one could say they sound absolutely masculine. I was thinking about people who have been in my life, and truth to tell none spoke with that type of masculine voice. Not even men I dated and now I wonder where on earth did I ever get this love of a particular deep tone. Sigh, one of these days something will give and I will see why I love deep sounding mens voices. I went to check on youtube by checking tenors and baritone singers and didn't even come up with one close enough, even the bass are too low and deep. So I will continue that ultimate search then.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Karen said...

This post, I agree with. I know a man with a beautiful deep voice with whom I talk on the phone. Singers -- I think the country singer Toby Keith has a beautiful deep voice, in some of his songs.

The post about deer seems to be unintentionally related in one way, in regard to some science news I heard recently and looked up on Google, that the most successful male deer in terms of mating are the males with the deepest voices in their vocalizations.

Your deer pictures are beautiful and almost Sacred, the mother nursing the baby. Thank you for posting them.

I just found your blog actually when searching on
Google for deer and deep voices to find out more about that subject!

Marie Cecile said...


Thank you for your comment, it actually helped me find the answer in regards to male voices, I ended up finding an interesting article explaining it.

The deer are beautiful and Sacred, they all are part of God's loving creatures. He uses them to give us loving examples.

I hope you enjoyed your visit.

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