September 12, 2008


Casey alerted us this morning with so much barking. Only to see momma deer trailed by her two young ones. She has already changed to her winter color. These moments I see them as grace filled ones. A time to know and pray in thankfulness for the gift of God's Love. Oh I'm sure many have the thought that it's just nature passing by and there is no logical reason that the hand of God would be providing this delightful picture of deer occasionally making their presence seen. Even I had a notion that a neighbor is feeding them knowing that he is a hunter, would provide the easy explanation. With that thought it would explain the many times we have seen them recently. But how easy it is to justify why we see things. Never once thinking that it's just possible to be in a spot to witness it in the first place.

We don't always look outside the windows in our busy day. We often are pre-occupied with worries of some sort. So many things that would keep us from seeing what God wants us to see and hear. If a neighbor is feeding them and they pass through, the odds of seeing them are just that, one in a million chances. When I think back to last year at this time, logically the sightings would have been plentiful if that were the case.

So by these thoughts of mine, I look at the Divine hand in it and see that he provides a unique answer and the delight of my heart. The Beloved has a way of touching us with His grace and for me part of the longing of my heart is to see deer as well as see Him. What a blessing to have both.

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