September 28, 2008

Just Thinking As Usual

Checking out youtube brought back many memories as I was looking and listening to a few love songs. It's funny because for awhile I was captivated by the group Journey with Steve Perry. That guy has a voice that can sing wonderful love songs. While listening to some of the words I was able to look back at a time in my life on my own journey to where I am today.

God has always been present even then. One thing I have noted about growing up is how strong my conscience has been developed from the teaching I was taught in school by the Sisters of St. Anne. They did a good job! Not many people can boast about having a good conscience at all. It's noticed in how so many in this world have done so much wrong. The stealing, killing, wars, terrorism, abuse and so much more in our daily lives. Many do not even know who God or Jesus is and if they do, they have no clue how he even thinks or feels. We would have to place ourselves very close to God to even come close to knowing it.

But on this train of thought from a conversation with a few co-workers on 2nd shift, from my point of view, when we suffer God suffers too. What we do and say we are literaly doing it to God because we are made in his image and likeness. I think all the time on this, that whatever I do to another I am doing it to God as well. That whatever I do I cause him suffering if it's against his will and against my neighbor. But that is me and how my conscience has guided me all these years to live in love with my neighbor even when they do not like me because of my faith or anything else for that matter. When people aim any verbal or physical attacks at others in this world of ours it's also directly to God as well. We are His earthen vessel, where he dwells within us. That's why Jesus taught us to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves. Everything we do to each other we do to God, if we really don't want to hurt another then think about how God feels each time we do something against those we say we love. This is how I have thought all my life about how I treat others. Treating them with love. ( some corrections have been made in spelling with clarity in a few sentences.)

2 Words of Wisdom:

Anonymous said...

It is well said and done from your mom

Marie Cecile said...

Mom, Even though we don't always agree at times, I do love you. You show me how to love and that I thank you for. Always your daughter.

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