September 14, 2008


Ever get a moment when thought is not foremost and the most delightful words would shine through. Those moments while showering and the words Spe Salvi kept popping in, what is it about those words that are significant. But their meaning is essential to life for we are saved in hope. It is also our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI last encyclical entitled Spe Salvi. It is an encyclical everyone should read.

But why did those specific words stand out in thought in the first place. But God does have a way of speaking to us when we are not pre-occupied with so many things taking up space within our thoughts. I think many of us put so much on our minds at the start of the day with what has to get done, where we have to go and so much else while the last thought or if at all is God himself in all that cluttered thinking. One doesn't have to be extremly religious to start the day off with thoughts of God. It would be quite the thing to start off with Him in thought and place yourself alongside Him as you prepare for the day. Kind of like when we are with those we love in our own day. We kiss them hello, goodbye, and goodnight, we tell them we love them, we hug them and so much more. Imagine how much pleasure God would have when we think about Him in that same regard.

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