September 10, 2008

Animal Visitors

Earlier today we had a pair of young deer munching on the crab apples on the ground. The mother was not where we could see her today. But more than anything I love how God answers the simplests of requests. One thing I have found through most of all this, God provides. Just watching the animals around the area, they are taken care of. Not by humans, we just get in their way. But turn it around and we complain how the animals are invading our territory when they get displaced and come in search of food. Anyway, back to God provides, he does in all things, even in the things we don't seem to realize. For me on many numerous occasions I would simply love to see deer and God provides them. Not always but a big portion of the time. It's when I ask in a selfish way that I don't receive that gift of his love.

It's not hard to ask selfishly, considering it's how our hearts seek the answer with our own agenda rather than with the Will of God's in mind. I think that's why many people don't get their answers due to the nature of how it was asked in the first place. At least for me I see his answers in so many different ways. Maybe being in constant focus upon His love makes a difference.

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