August 31, 2008


There are days when thinking Jesus' coming couldn't be quick enough, when people are given opportunities time after time to come back to him and change. We are all called to conversion, and even then when we have been converted we are called to go deeper. The many opportunities we are given and fail to respond to the call to change our ways, only shows God how rooted we are in evil.

Why have these thoughts come to the surface in the first place. It is the coming Hurricane that at times we tend to think of God's Wrath in an area that refuses to change. How many times does it take to rebuild in material ways before it sinks in that we need to change in other ways. Change begins at home and that is within each of us. Where is our priority first of all. If God is the first on the list then you have done well. But when he is placed at the bottom and everything else above Him, it's time to rethink and to change the order.

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