August 28, 2008

More on Travels

Well it was back to work today, but remembrance of the last few days have made the start of my work week most pleasant. Tuesday was a day of chores and bush trimming. I even dug a bit around the pond and cut some picker bushes. It will be a slow going project but hopefully the result will have lovely effects. Monday night at the Cenacle people were asked if anyone was free on Wednesday, I said I was. So that had a few of us going on a pilgrimage to Bethlehem, Conn where we stopped at the Church of the Nativity, but found it closed. From there we went to the Abbey of Regina Laudis and to the Shrine of Lourdes of Litchfield in Litchfield, Conn. It was such a beautiful day. I am glad that I said I would go, it was nice not having to drive for a change. The picture below is from the front of the building on the top of the hill where the Montfort Missionaries live as well as where Retreatants stay. It is a beautiful building, one that I mentioned to Diana, who overseas so much, I told her I was going to move in kiddingly. She asked if I could cook. Imaging that, I could go and become the cook to a residence. It is beautiful and in the fall I'm sure it is even lovelier. This picture is on the way down the hill where the Stations of the Cross are located. That was quite a walk up, but on the way there are many placed benches to rest on for those who need to rest. The way down has railings to keep one from speed walking, like I did. I did manage to take a picture of each station.
This is the lovely Grotto made up of all stone, it is a beautiful replica.
These lovely people from left to right are Marguerite, Paul and Jeannette. They are the ones who formed this pilgrimage and Paul was the driver. My dad and Marguerite were in grade school together. They recently lost two class mates just after having a class reunion too. My dad didn't go since he doesn't always feel too well.
We did have a lovely moment when reciting the Rosary, it was a moment of witnessing the power of our Heavenly Family. They saw an extraordinary moment that I have seen many a time while walking and have seen it myself on numerous occasions. So in a way Our Lord had a moment give me something wonderful that others saw as well. Marguerite is very devoted to Our Lady and she feels it was our Lady at that moment. I wonder if that is what is possible as well those many times the same thing has happened to me alone. But that too is for moments of discernment, because I have always seen it as coming from God and no one else. Interesting.

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