August 26, 2008

Family of Prayer

The prayer Cenacle last night turned out beautifully. We had literally a full house at Marguerites. She had turned her home into Mary's house of prayer. We meet there on Monday evenings to pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.

After I had started my job, my monday evenings were postponed until I figured out how to manage time after work. Basically it was the supper time and clean up that made for a late time. So now on Mondays it's no longer a meal but a nibble and back out the door to head off to meet up with the others who love to pray. It feels good to finally get back into that phase of prayer with others. Amazing as it is but we know when something is missing in our life and when it enters we know how correct it is.

Many don't pray and most likely would scoff at the very thought of prayer, little do they know the benefits of it. Just thinking about the possibility of offering up a prayer while grocery shopping. Or shopping in general. I'm sure we all have come across situations where a child is loudly yelled at in a store. Those are the moments that instead of beating a hasty retreat to the next isle or closing off our ears we could be saying a prayer for patience, for calm in their storm. All too often we turn ourselves away in those moments rather than praying.

I don't know why this particular scene came to mind when it came to a place where prayer is needed in our daily lives. I think it's because we all must have encountered it at one point. And our thoughts might not be all that generous in thinking when we see or hear these things. I had to seriously think back at times I went shopping and encountered these situations and there were many and some uncalled for as well. Prayer is needed in some of the most unlikely places at moments of distress of another. I wonder if anyone really does offer up a prayer while browsing the stores or any place else for that matter. Why not work too as well as home, recreation and just about anywhere else.

But then many don't even pray.

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