August 04, 2008


I came home to a nice surprise the other day. My niece, nephew and sister had come over and finished the big dig. Putting cement and filling the hole back up. God sent angels to help out. And I'm sure my mom also asked for their help as well. It is appreciated. It rained after they finished, and unfortunately the water still came in. It's going to be one of those things that with time will be solved.

I made a resolution as well to do a better job on my diet and exercise. I have discovered that eating supper after 5:30 pm is not good. And I have noticed the change in weight and realized that if I don't walk after eating it accumulates in the body. And we all know as we age and not as active as the young how easily it can stay right where it is. In that regard I asked my family to help me in my attempt to start over in the diet department. My mom needs to loose some too so it will benefit her as well. We all have a bad habit and that is pushing food onto each other in the way of, have some more. I do this as well, and I catch myself all the time when I do it to others.

It's amazing how we do things without realizing we do it. At supper last night we spoke about this very thing as well. I don't always say it right in order to achieve the help I need to conquer a battle of the bulge. With the help of the Holy Spirit I hope I will eat in the right way the God deems correct for the betterment of my health. After all aren't we earthen vessels for God to dwell in.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Lindy said...

I can relate! If I could just make myself either walk outside or get on the treadmill, even a few times a week...I know I'd feel better AND look's just doing it, you know??? UGH!
Have a pretty day!

Marie Cecile said...

I'm good at discipline in other areas, but these two. I think it's that way for many as well. You have a great day as well.

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