July 31, 2008


The visit was a surprise today and it was extremely welcome. The joy I knew in my heart the moment I interiorly saw your presence. I instinctively knew and acknowledged what I have been given. Perhaps a message of hope after all but most certainly it was the touching of the heart that made the meaning all the clearer, that of love. I trusted in what I knew and came to understand how profound that love is. These last few days have been remarkable one's. Ever since Sunday it has been an ongoing spiritual grace. One of greater understanding of love.

It's those moments of grace that touch our hearts when we least expect it to. A moment of consolation. A moment of unity a moment of joyful bliss. What has made the difference in this regard? One could say it came about at the dinner table or should I say at the banquet table of the Lord. It is not only acknowledging his presence but doing his will and being that message of hope for him.

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