July 27, 2008


The Pope is doing a wonderful thing to restore harmony in regards to music with the Mass. It seems to be the fad to try to make voices blend that do not sound harmonious at all. When reflecting upon how far we have come in the world of music and what we deem melodious is not always the case. Because we are human and our ears are all tuned in to what we all prefer to hear. We sometimes fail to understand God's beauty or his hearing in regards to what might please HIM.

But then we go back to the Mass and how choirs attempt to sing in such a way that exludes the body of the Church during Mass. How do people follow along and sing when they hear variations that they cannot follow. I've seen people cringe as well as myself at times when the music was atrocious and not suitable for reflection. Granted there are many a song that that are plain and simple but in harmony. Sometimes the complexity of the music and the complex way the attempts to make a different sound can create what is not beautiful. The same can be said when mixing colors, sometimes we create mud rather than a clear picture. But mind you this is my humble opinion on the matter. Not all music in this world is harmonious nor is it pleasant to listen to. I pray that our Blessed Pope Benedict succeeds in restoring harmony and unity in the Church. The sanctity of Mass, the very holiness that has been missing for so very long is slowly coming back. And I'm sure that pleases God very much. After all it is His in the first place and who are we to change what God deems beautiful and pleasing. In that regard I too concur with our Heavenly Father, the Mass is where I can give my self offering to Him for all that He does for me by honoring Him on the one day he asks to give to him.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Pia said...

I agree 100% MC. Music is an important part of the Liturgy, and if it's not harmonious and well blended, it can be an annoying distraction! At that point, I prefer silence!
Our pastor put a hellish machine on the organ for evening mass and for funeral masses. The pastor himself can't keep up with the beat of the music. A human organist takes into account the voices of the people who are singing, who do have to breathe every once in a while, lol! whereas a machine will play the notes as written, and our pastor can't really hear the beat well from his position. If he can't keep the beat, how can the people in the pews? You can imagine the cacaphony that ensues!

Marie Cecile said...

Oh believe me I most certainly can understand how it would sound. I think basically the people in the pews would love more than anything to sing along, but how when there are fancy ups and downs or it's as you pointed out too fast to keep up. It's amazing isn't it.

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