July 30, 2008

Be A Message of Hope

I was taking a break from shoveling this morning. While sitting on the stairs and listening to religious music and looking off into the distance. I began to reflect on many things about life. Kind of like a prayer was being said about love encompassing the world to heal the wounds of so many. While these thoughts of prayer came through so did specific words from a song. These words are "message of hope." What is a message of hope? I did a google search and this is what I came up with for message of hope "A Brief Message of Hope" and a google search for messenger of hope brought this one of "Pope Benedict XVI: messenger of hope." Is it living the Gospel message? Is it making Him known to mankind so they too will have hope in God and Jesus. Are we called to be messages of hope as well. Then I begin to wonder if I am called to be a message of hope, to share in the gift of God's presence in my life.

There is one thing I can state with certainty is the real presence of our Lord in the Eucharist. Many find it hard to believe or even understand how possible it is. Even priest fail to believe in it even though they go through the consecration at Mass. They most of all need our prayers to help them be the bearers of Jesus in our troubling world. Once they believe in His presence in the Eucharist they too shall become messages of hope. There might be a small handfull that do not believe, but it is enough to squash the spirit of God in those chosen to minister to others.

How do we as Catholics and Christians be messages of hope when we fail in our own belief in the very presence of God. I believe with all my heart in every message of hope that God provides in my life. How about you?

(there was a correction made in the title and in the blog text). When I located the song that I heard the words, I went back to re-listen to the song, the words are in a message of hope and promise. But somehow later as I was recalling it I was looking up messenger rather than message. It's always good to make sure of what we recall and if it's incorrect to correct it. And I did.

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