July 17, 2008

The Life

The last few days have been odd and good all at once. My parents and I have taken up doing the Rosary together at night. We used to do this long ago, but as us kids grew older and went our own way it stopped. They continued with each other, and I did my own prayers on my own. So this is very good thing.

Yesterday I came across a few Chapter members at Mass. When I spoke to Joe, he mentioned something that another Dominican is putting together, a ministry. My ears perked up at that and I stated to him that I would be interested. It has to do with the Divine Mercy Chaplet. So the past few days have been fruitful.

The last few weeks have been the kind that have been one's where I have begun to look at what it is that I have kept. Now that part is mind bogling because for the life of me I have no clue why I kept such things as a nail, little odds and ends that have taken up residence in a few choice places. Then I began to think about those days off and the possibility of visiting a Shrine once a month in the State of Mass. There are quite a few to go to. Some in downtown Boston, and that alone is a daunting task to maneuver in the hustle and bustle. But one of these days I will give it a shot. I like those type of day trips, they are often refreshing.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Pia said...

Some of the fondest memories of my childhood were of our family saying the Rosary together, especially in the car on long trips. I cherish these memories, especially at times when I am feeling sad or lonely.

Hi MC, I know it's been a while. I've popped in every so often to keep up but have not been commenting much. I hope you are well; sending hugs from Italy today. Ciao!

Marie Cecile said...

Pia, those memories are beautiful ones. I'm fine. I hope you are well also. I saw on your blog your own miracle and I'm glad. Hugs back.

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