July 21, 2008

Holy Spirit

It was a beautiful way to help bring the Holy Spirit into the lives of the young. So many forget about him or pass off the promptings as something else. Discernment is a must in this regard. How much do we let the Holy Spirit work in our own lives. I know for me it took many significant happenings for me to understand how prominent he is in my life. I often thought about the gifts of the Spirit throughout my life. Never in a million years would have prepared me for the truth.

We often walk with blinders on to the pain of others and their ordeals until they reveal moments in their lives that make us see the inner pain they don't often reveal. Those are the moments when we don't judge them but pray for them. I know that some will not understand what I just wrote about the inner pain. It's seeing, not with the eyes or the ears but of the heart, the pain that is not spoken of. That is what the Holy Spirit gives another for prayer on behalf of what that suffering soul has gone through. Well anyway, my prayers are for peace to come to those who seek it.

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