July 10, 2008


There is one thing about cleaning out the clutter in the living areas of our lives that frees up space as well as simplifying. I began to take stock of what it is that is truly needed and what isn't. I began to see what I was holding onto that needed chucking. In that same sense I also began to look deep into my heart to see what clutter that may be present there as well.

It's not so hard to understand how easily we wound the very heart of Jesus. When we take stock of how our own heart deliberately wounds the very heart of God with our own sins. Many times we refuse to see how we truly are, an imperfect people. Those cleaning out days help me take stock of how it's very important to also keep our hearts clear of clutter. Living without clutter in our hearts opens it up to God's love. How can our hearts open up to Jesus when we keep placing more stuff in his way of freeing us from sin.

When I had a nice menopausal pimple make itself present, I learned more about vanity than I cared to admit. Since it's appearance it taught me not to place importance on looks nor for that matter what others may think. Since most of the time we judge by looks rather than what is in the heart of another. Sometimes things have a way of happening that bring us out of ourselves and corrects our way of thinking. I didn't think I placed that much importance on my looks, I don't wear make-up, but a blemish, now that had me bugged. So I began the process of taking more stock of my interior heart and looked more at the Sacred Heart of Jesus and not on myself. A thorough cleansing was needed. Because it's Jesus that matters to me most of all, not what others think.

2 Words of Wisdom:

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