July 29, 2008

The Big Dig

The big dig started yesterday after work to expose part of the foundation. With the help of a dehumidifier, we were able to see where the water was seeping through. Unfortunately I had to cut down two bushes or else I wouldn't be able to have a place to put the dirt. This picture is the results of yesterdays dig. And this one is this mornings extended hole. It's a bit less now since it's been dug a bit more since I took the picture. Anyone care to help with the dig? I'm accepting offers of help or better yet prayers.
One thing I discovered, I'm alot like my dad. He does what has to get done, but will not ask for help when help is really needed. My mom in that regard would do the asking of the rest of the family. I'm like him in that regard, I don't ask anyone for help. It takes alot to overcome that aspect of our lives.

There is something extremely wonderful as well when God is part of our lives it's when He unites himself with us and we understand the simplest of requests. There was an occasion where I was able to be at Mass and understood God's grace in my life. I knew moments of forgiveness as well as forgiving. I took in all that was to be taken in and absorbed so much. One will not understand the unifying grace of a soul in communion. The depths of understanding not only his mercy but his love. I had a moment where interiorly love spoke profoudly, that is what God wants the most. This morning as I reflected upon those hours of profound joy, I knew more than anything what it was I was supposed to know. That the communication is clear and understood in the very depths of my heart.

I now understand how God might feel when he requests things of us and we turn our back on him to do other things we deem more important than him and his requests. The many times we fail to attend Mass or receive the sacrament of penance or the many times we turn our backs on our neighbors when they are in need. Thinking about how we have the many nudges to do good for others, to be kind, to love, to offer hope and peace in our world of turmoil. How often God and the Holy Spirit prompt us of these things and we fail to do it or mend our ways when it's offered to us. I often think about my own relationship with God and reflect on where I can offer hope or love and peace to another when He requests more of me than I know I have to give.

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