June 08, 2008


I've placed some pictures from work in the sidebar on flicker. I work with a wonderful group of people. They are an amazing bunch. I told them I write, but haven't mentioned the names of my blogs as yet. They do know of my experience with the Eucharist and have seen the pictures, well at least two of them do. I'm not certain about the rest of them. I was telling two them about the observations I have made with the past jobs and what I wrote. It's not just in those places either it's in the check out line, it's waiting for a light on a busy street, or it could be just about anywhere. We are all not alike in how we treat each other, but we do see how our actions don't always line up with words spoken.

I remember at a book signing at a Catholic function how true it was. The person behind me was oh so nice, but when as we approached the autographer I was given the push to hurry up. The gesture was one of impatience from a Catholic. This was just a minor thing, but I have seen how others are treated as a bystander. Throughout my life I have made it a point to stick up and stick with those who are treated poorly by others. Not because they are different in looks or size or class, but out of the fact that they were judged unwisely and treated like an outcast when acceptance from their peers was not there. I took them for my friends and gave them my love when no one else would. If there was one wish that would ever be granted it would have to be a huge blessing on all those who have been cursed by those who thought they were better than others.

5 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

I tend not to share my most intimate moments with God and those others that I do share, I reserve until I know the person well or feel that it is safe to share it in a public forum as a blog..
You know....casting your pearls....etc.
Some things are not meant to be shared,not even with other Believers and friends, I have learned the hard way, and from my Spir. Director. It is meant as something personal , intimate and precious between the Beloved and the Soul alone. JMO

I am glad I am a retired old lady, although I did take an early retirement and it causes people to ask my age when I tell them I am retired! But slights will always happen in the workplace. Always! That's wy so many quit and go to other jobs ot get fired. Personalities clash,politics are played out, humanity is shared LOL!
Jesus was wounded 'in the house of His friends!" How much more should I expect it.
I think of Therese and how she felt many times as if she didn't deserve better treatment than her Lord and was GRATEFUL for slights and ill treatment.
It is hard for me to follow that saintly example, to be honest with you, MC. I feel 'HEY!I didn't deserve that treatment'. But..hey...maybe I did! Maybe it was just coming back around.LOL
Anyways...better now than purgatory as they say.
In reading this post I get one thing to take away...treat my fellow human beings right 'cause what goes around, comes around. It ain't in the Good Book, but it is just the natural law of cause and effect!

Marie Cecile said...

Your too young to retire, now get back to work teresa. People's natures are animalistic at best, we act like animals and animals act like humans at times. It boggles the mind why we are going in reverse.

teresa_anawim2 said...

Template changes, MC?

Try going over to finalsense.com for some Blogger compatible templates.
I found them easily transferable.

Also, if you transfer to StBlog's, Lee the webmaster can set you up with their wordpress templates and you can use a lot of your own photos with his email tech support(although he takes a long time to reply, sometimes).

I really like finalsense.com, though.
Give it a LQQK


Marie Cecile said...

I had some problems when I first put the flower pictures up and I tried another way with flicker. I keep having a problem, so I tried from the beginning and will attempt it again. I did check out the site you provided. They have some real nice templates. The new blogger makes doing things easy and when I put up a new one via classic template, I found myself lost again with the tags. Re learning takes time when we don't do it all the time. I did manage to re arrange my pictures with the thought of my pc might be overloaded with them. Upgrades will have to happen it seems if all else fails.

Plus I will have to check out St. Blogs too.

teresa_anawim2 said...

When 're-arranging the cyber furniture" LOL I am always afraid of losing files, posts, etc. It has happened more than once even when I saved them.You seem to save well.

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