June 02, 2008


Treasures of our life, those moments of growing up when we recall later in life and find life's most funniest memories. But when they happen it's another thing altogether. A red faced moment! But those are the treasures of learning. For me anyway. Maybe not for others. It's funny in a way when we make blunders, how at the moment it seems so dire. But later it's not seen in the same light. None of us are so perfect in our daily living that we don't make some sort of blunder. Anyway, our actions in life are what we often regret as well as the words we speak. Sometimes not always with thought either. And then there are those who are wolves and prey upon the weak and cultivate more predicaments in a life than what is supposed to be natural in it. Is our motive pure when we go places and do things. When we work do we set out to cause another strife because they are different. The moments we see others causing another hurt by their actions. Don't we fail at times to own up to our own behavior. Moments of pondering lifes treasures can often yield laughter or tears.

3 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

an aside:
found this today, MC. I know you are interested in shrines locally.
I have bookmarked for small summer get-a-ways.

teresa_anawim2 said...

recalling some of those moments today I have to chuckle that I was so severely 'traumatized' by those embarrassments back then.
Things fade with time, don't they !?

Some of these things I label 'sunken treasure' LOL...way at the bottom of God's sea of mercy. Forgotten by Him. Hard to forget on my part when some trigger recalls it and causes upset and discomfort.
It's good we have a sense of humor re: some situations of the past!!!LOL

Marie Cecile said...

teresa thank you for the link.

They sure do fade, I like how you put it, shrunken treasure lol.

We laughed so hard last night over some embarrassing moment when we were playing dominoes over my sisters. It was wonderful to laugh so hard that the stomach hurt. But with the one's that could cause grief well those too could be laughed at in a way, hopefully in time that is as you have put it nicely at the bottom of God's sea of mercy.

You have a great way of putting things.

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