June 12, 2008


I am always amazed at how kind and caring the people I work with are. Two people are currently out on illness and the love and support that they show is wonderful. They are generous in how they reach out and help each other. I've never seen a place run quite like this one, with everyone's welfare in mind for their neighbor. They are curteous beyond belief. But the best is their good natures, in the laughter they provoke at odd moments. A blessing to be sure. On that note I had found out that the one who runs the place, they are deeply involved in their Parish as Sacristans, I think I spelled that right. Well anyway, there is a unique blend of terrific people that I work with, and they are all good.

They are teaching me to be a better person, and I value that when we can learn from each other. I don't have much to offer or give to them other than my love. Most of these people have come a long way themselves and struggled to get where they are. Those paths aren't always easy for anybody. I love their personalities and their wit, but mostly I value their honesty about their lives. Since I'm not much of a talker I enjoy their chatting among each other, it teaches me the art of communication, something I never really learned to do. They have a way of soothing those nervous jitters when talking. I am grateful to work with some of the finest people I've ever met.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Esther said...

MC, your post makes me miss the wonderful folks I used to work with. Thanks for sharing.

Marie Cecile said...

Your welcome Esther!!

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