June 05, 2008

Of Service

It was a delightful evening spent with others in prayer for vocations. I met two other women who are also contemplating the Religious Life. It's always good to meet up with others who are traveling the path of following Jesus. I'm not rested this time around, the one day off this week went by too fast, especially spending part of it driving two hours one way. I love driving, it's refreshing to see many sights on the way. I was asked to work on one of my days off so that too had placed needed rest on the back burner.

But when it comes to serving others there is no rest, it reminds me of Martha and Mary at times. How we choose which role at certain times in our lives to play. Or better yet what vocation is ours. Will it be one of service or one of contemplation. Will it be in the way of deep prayer or meager offerings. One thing I know for certain, working on weekends places us in the role of Martha, where we would like to be at the feet of Jesus but find ourselves serving others instead.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

I was just thinking today, mc, of how, when I was twenty-something and single, I could have spent all weekend alone in prayer if I had wanted to, but at the time it just wasn't where I was in my spiritual life. Now that we long to, we cannot. Life is so strange!

Marie Cecile said...

It's amazing how we change as we grow up and live life.

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