June 15, 2008

My Blessing

A moment yesterday brought to mind a person who was a blessing to me. I need to take care of a special thank you that I have put off until the right time and until I could afford to deliver it. Anyway it was odd that I thought about and mentioned it out of the blue, but when I did my readings this morning it hit home exactly how it fit in.

I don't expect anyone to understand the unique way God moves in my life and how it is brought home the gift of His Word in the Bible. I have noticed time and time again that prior to or sometime after a unique thing would either be said or done. I call this living faith in action. And today I can reflect on those times in my life when an angel in disguise brought confort and solace to my plight. I often wonder if many others experience God's gift in this way or do they pass it off as something else entirely. My friend has known me and my family for a very long time, pretty much since I was in the single digits. Now with that in mind I wonder if we are angels in disguise for others or are we little devils instead. Do we as the king of Salem in Genesis 14 offer others the same blessing that has been bestowed on us by God and from him through others.

4 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

I like those 'Jonathans' the Lord gives to his 'Davids'......friends in our lives. In my 20's my best and closest friend and mentor was an Italian lady in her 60's who loved God and had great faith.Our godly, faith based friendship lasted for about 20 years. It was like Jonathan and David.
May she now see the Lord face to face.
You are fortunate to have a King of Salem like this in your life, MC.

Marie Cecile said...

Teresa, you had a magnificent friend who also was your King of Salem and I'm sure there were many more who throughout life played a big role. I like how you put it as 'Jonathans' and 'Davids'

Anonymous said...

bless you I know where your coming from God bless you love Joanne

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Joanne, God bless you too.

Love Marie Cecile

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