June 22, 2008

God's Presence

How truly possible it all is. To think back upon moments of God's presence in my life, I know more than anything how impossible it all seems to others and to me how very possible it all was. Even I had those moments of thinking how impossible it is to have been part of God's plan. No one can ever take away the fact or the cherish memory when I had that visit of His Divine presence. The impossibility of even seeing what I saw made it all the more possible. I didn't look for it nor did I wish to see what I saw in the first place. How can it be then and that is the beauty of God and His Word. How he manifest those moments when we understand what he has done for us. Not many will understand the importance of these words unless they too were given a grace where the possible happend in a time of their life when nothing seemed possible.

I can look back and look forward to the most significant part of understanding how tremendous an act God did for me and maybe for others as well. My testimony is not for me alone but to give hope to others in the truth of God's Word and His presence in our lives.

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