June 30, 2008


It's always a delight when Father Eugene Plasse comes over and dines with us. Last night we had a wonderful time listening to family stories and then a game of cards. Father has been doing genealogy on his family, we are in there too so we also get to know the distant relations as well. Family history can be interesting, or it can be heartbreaking when there is no known family to look back to. Anyway it was a great evening.

On my way home from work I did get to meet up with a new priest that made his ordination last year at this time. Father James Longe I had the grace to know his love for God. I look forward to visiting the parish he is at and attending Mass on the weekends, now that I know they have an evening Mass and the parish he belongs to. It's too bad that many young people today stop going when they have priest that are there for them. The one's who answered the call of a lifetime. We all answer the call to different vocations, it's up to us to follow his will in our life.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Jackie Parkes said...

Sorry I see you have both my blogs....thanks so much!

Marie Cecile said...

no problem jackie, and your welcome.

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