June 28, 2008

Being in Love

There is something quite beautiful in life when love for God is ever present. It is the desire to love him and be loved by him. This morning the reflection I began to ponder about love. It was a moment where I knew most of all that my greatest longing is to give all my love to God and know his love for me. That moment of reflection is hard to put into words what went through those thoughts, what I wrote doesn't come close. It's like a yearning to be the closest a person can ever get to the source of their desire.

In a way it's like when a husband and wife are deeply in love and seek the mutual affection of the other from the heart. The love that is shared. The beauty of being love. When we see couples who have this abiding love between them and the faith that they have in God, they mirror his reflection. The joy of his heart. Loving God is very beautiful, being in love with God is even more enchanting. So many loose out knowing the love God has for them, because they don't truly let him in their hearts. Sometimes I think people are afraid to love God, afraid he may transform their lives. What are they truly afraid of, that perhaps they might have to truly be kind to one another. Or is it the fear that he may transform them from the desires of the world, the flesh and so much more. They don't realize the freedom they would find in the heart of God.

1 Words of Wisdom:

Jackie Parkes said...

Lovely meditation..please update your blog link to my new one..many thanks..

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