May 04, 2008

Who would have thought

A moment at work revealed the thoughts of another. A discussion came about and this person stated that what goes through her mind are judgemental things about people. It was amazing to hear her say how she thinks and what she thinks. Her honesty alone was remarkable in that regard. Not many will reveal to others how truly judgemental their thoughts are. I had a glimpse of it in this person and how she had said the many things that go through her thoughts. It's times like that, that I appreciate the candor of another. I realize how imperfect we all are and how much we all struggle in our daily life. I'm not perfect either, and in those revealing moments I was thankful I kept my thoughts from taking the form of judging others. If anything I would judge myself first before I did the abominable. It was a good day to understand others who have faith but don't really practice it. In that regard I cannot judge her for how she thinks, if anything I think at times I become tested to see what I may say in response. Many times we do have to say what needs to be said but many times our actions often speak much louder than those words ever did.

2 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

re: judging.
It used to be that whenever I evaluated a situation or had thoughts contrary to a situation at work which involved peoples' ways, I would condemn myself for being 'judgmental'...until I understood that Jesus tells us in the Gospel to make righteousness judgements. In other words, judge, but do it justly, righteously and lovingly. I was stuck on one verse..."Do Not Judge" and it did a job on my mind at work...big time.It took away the ability to make sound judgements and assessments about the characters and the (political) personalities which, many times, influenced my productivity.
We live in an imperfect world and , I think, make many needed and necessary judgements along the way...both of situations and personalities.
I think that they just need to be made from a loving perspective for that soul and in a just manner.
Good points bringing back many memories MC.

Marie Cecile said...

Your welcome teresa! It's not easy that's for sure. When that girl rattled off what she thinks, it was shocking, and it's hard at times in the workforce with the many types of personalities as you said. But life is amazing and that's where we learn.

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