May 03, 2008

Those Beautiful Deer

It was one of those I didn't look to see mornings yesterday. I prepared and published what I thought was the other blog, so when I looked it wasn't there, I did the usual check the edit page and it wasn't there either. So when I went to go and do some writing on this one that's when I found where my reflection went. I left it here and put it on the other blog.

But then when I went upstairs to get breakfast, as I looked outside I saw movement of the glorious white tail that announced the deer. I think my heart did flip flops as I had recently asked our Lord if I could see some deer as it has been quite sometime since the last request. And to think that all through winter when the surrounding woods are bare, not a single sighting, but a few tracks. Now when all is turning green and even harder to see through the trees, there was at least five of those beautiful deer.

It's those moments when the beauty of God shines through. So many times interiorly I would ask for a specific thing and not long after I would get receive what I interiorly asked. I don't doubt his love or my love for Him, all through my life I received what I generally asked for from Him. It was often paying attention to and seeing it unfold as time would pass by. I believe it was a few weeks ago and the other day that I interiorly sought the desire to see deer again.

You know how they say be careful of what you wish for, you might get it, it's not the wish it's the desire of what it is we ask. Is it something we honestly desire for our own good or for selfish reasons. When I usually ask to see deer it's because of the closeness I associate with God in those creatures, that's why I believe I am allowed that special answer, because it has to do with Him.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

That's a really good point, mc, about taking a close look at the true desire or motivation behind our requests.

Marie Cecile said...

So true too. often our deepest desires are what we seek and often we don't get answers to, because often it's not what God wants for us.

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