May 18, 2008

Occassions of Love

One thing about working on Sundays, it's missing out on some of the functions that are shared by those in community, friends and family. Since I was able to get the one Sunday prior to being hired, it will be awhile before I get another. At least I get to attend Mass after work.

Today there are two functions I will be missing. One of them is the Novice class before mine are making their Final Promise today and it's also a day for the monthly chapter meeting. The other is my niece who is also my goddaughter, she is graduating from College today. Two occassions that will be missed. Both are once in a lifetime. My niece will be going on to do two more years and will finalize her schooling then. But in the religious circle it is once in a lifetime when promises are made to follow the way of God.

Both are significant in each way, and working this day took the decision from my hands. I couldn't be at both and both are important. God does have a way of solving issues that we don't always find a solution to. I knew about our Chapter meeting some time ago. It was only a two weeks ago I found out my nieces day was on the same day. So in a way God knew long before.

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