May 31, 2008

My Beloved

That was the hardest thing for me to do was post the video of the Lamb showing the face of Jesus and God. The two as one. Last night before going to do my hour I felt the urge to take my camera. So I took both cameras not knowing the reason why. Anyway I did have a moment alone which was odd and that allowed me to take a few photos, mind you with both cameras. One camera is the one I questioned about the pictures. Well anyway they came out normal this time and nothing unusual was on them. When God chooses to reveal he does it quite nicely. I was given this time to see exactly the truth of what he did for me. More than anything I believe in what I have seen and what he has given to reveal. Currently I do not see anymore on the Eucharist, but I still have wonderful moments during Mass when the breaking of the bread happens and when I receive him. There have been times when I have witnessed the Eucharist pulsing like a heart beat and that alone is beautiful. I will never stop witnessing for this beautiful treasure we have in our midst.

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