May 19, 2008


There is one thing in my life I have tried very hard to do, and that is getting back to the Garden of Eden. A point that has been a focus throughout my life. I know many times we all fail to live up to God's expectations of us and our own. How is it that when we are young we fail to listen as well as we should. Or for that matter as we age. I was reminded by a niece about this. She broke up with a young man. We had told her we didn't believe he was right for her. She said, "she wished we would have said something to her." We too looked back when we were young and told her, she wouldn't have listened to our advice. When we explained that as we were younger, we too would have liked to have heard from others when they knew a person wasn't right for us. But my sister and I managed to explain that, even though the advice would be given it would not necessarily be heeded.

Part and parcel of growing up is often learning from experience the many trials and tribulations we go through. We love our families and want the best for them, but sometimes in these cases even though it is said, they would have liked to know, would it have made a difference if it was taken to heart.

In this sense we too are given much advice from the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. Many times we often disregard those promptings that help us. Often it's the same when we are prompted to assist another and fail to do so. Like when we are on the street and see a person in distress, we see and interiorly we know what must be done, but we fail to do so. There are many instances in life when we don't listen to the Holy Spirit to guide us.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Jackie Parkes said...

Please update to my new blog...many thanks..

Marie Cecile said...

It has been done, thank you jackie!

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