May 05, 2008

Heaven or Hell

The conversation on where we might end up when we die came about in an unlikely way. I was told by someone that they knew where they were headed and without thinking that it was in the direction many would prefer not to go. But as the conversation unfolded, a family member who was slowly passing away revealed they did not want to die, due to the many things that they were seeing and they weren't pleasant, I was told. I came to find out that their lifestyle was not in conformity to one of living in faith. It was a sad moment to hear that this person died without reconciling with God.

Many times we hear of those who pass from this life, who have died in faith and in such a beautiful way. For me this was the first time I encountered the other side so when I went to Mass after work, my heart was heavy. Not about death itself, but the fact that those who are not reconciled to our loving God lose so much. Their chance to be part of God's family. It was the heartache of knowing they chose darkness rather than light. I prayed for that soul, for the loss of one of God's children. I cannot go into detail what I was told by this person, only a brief sketch of ugly spirits that surrounded them as their time drew near. I was told that those present could not see them. If we have a moment in our day, say a prayer for those who are dying in darkness. That as their time nears they will reconcile with a very loving God.

4 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

I think about St Therese on her death bed as I read this post today, MC.

The Divine Mercy Chaplet is not a favorite, regular devotion with me, but I really believe it is efficacious at the death of a person and pray it in those times.

Holy Mary, Mother of God......Pray for us...Now, and at that hour.

Marie said...

you have just written what I was about to suggest, The Divine Mercy Chaplet.

I can say that having grown up in a non Christian home I found that what the 'world promises' are empty indeed. Thank goodness God touched my heart and brought me to Faith in Him.

So many people believe in worldly promises only to find that their lives have become empty and meaningless.

Yes, indeed we need to PRAY much for those souls. THANKYOU for the reminder:).

Peace to you:)

Marie xoxooxox

Marie Cecile said...

I'm not big on the Divine Mercy Chaplet either, yet many say it is quite wonderful. I have the Rosary the Blessed Mother gave us and that does wonders too.

Marie Cecile said...

Marie, I'm glad God touched your heart too, and it seems with both of you mentioning the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, I think I need to begin saying it for those who are passing from this life.

You said so much Marie and how true it is too, that so many believe in worldly promises, thank you for always giving us more to think about as well.

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