May 09, 2008


Ollie, the Senegal Parrot purrs. I didn't know birds purr, until scratching his head created a purring sound to come from him. It was so cute, too. There is a big part of me that knows it's unnatural to keep a bird in a cage when it's natural habitat is to be able to fly freely and roam where it wills.

They become dependent upon us for everything. The dogs, cats and any wild creature that has been domesticated to be pets. Thinking about this had me realize that we too lead them about and often where they don't want to be either. If they could talk to us, we would be surprised by what they might tell us. Some would be that they love us and thank us for caring so lovingly for them. While others might tell us what fools we are. Well anyway these pets often get better treatment than those we live with. Amazing how we get up in arms about killing baby animals, but never think about the life within us. Many kill their own babies but will save a pet. Where have we been led to do this, it just doesn't make sense. Our mentality has gone astray when we think it's not wrong to kill the life that is part of us. Even to the point of killing off the spiritual life that is within and going the way of the world. When we cause many to struggle all because we have the power to do it. Then we are certain to cause our own destruction.

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