April 15, 2008

Those Lovely Answers

I went out this morning to the Chapel and from there headed to Mass, always a pleasure too. Had a beautiful opportunity to kiss a relic of St. Anthony of Padua after Mass. From there I ended up at a store to look for a few things, I went into two different ones and on my final entry in the last one I came across Sandy whom I hadn't seen in several years. We worked together at the same company a few years ago. I mentioned I had bumped into Kenny last week.

Amazing, because I was thinking about her not too long ago and wondered where she was living and whether or not she was still there and hopefully well. It seems I got my answer in a delightful way. We exchanged phone numbers and addresses. The best part, we spoke about faith and Church. She mentioned she prays all the time but hasn't gone in a long time. So tomorrow will be her first visit. God does work in wonderful ways. He brought not just one person but two from my old job on two different occasions. That was the job that I loved but lost because the department was eliminated, but life goes on even when things end.

I have always trusted in those moments when it's a response from our Lord. I have at many times seem to have thought about certain things or people and found through time they came about and all I could think was you brought them to me. It was always that unshakeable trust in Jesus and how much he answers. I never thought it was fate or coincidence that would tie in those moments like today and last week when we come across people and then think and thank God and Jesus for bringing it about. It has always showed me how much Jesus and God moves in my life and how much I attribute to his glorious hand in it. He gives us often the answers, but it up to us to see those answers when they come.

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