April 17, 2008

Life at it's best.

Well if I had a lesson to learn it is to look at the note paper an address is written on. We exchanged addresses but in the process I ended up with mine back without realizing it. I folded it and put it in my purse. So yesterday I was all set to go pick up Sandy and low and behold, I had no address or phone number, what made it worst I couldn't recall her last name. So I look at it this way, it was only one of those brief moments given in life.

I also decided to wear a long dress when going on Sunday to the Papal Mass. Sunday is a special day and dressing in our Sunday best no matter where we go is a must. I have been able to catch bits pieces of Pope Benedicts visit to the USA and I am awed at the joy I see on his face and the fact that he chose to spend his birthday with us in the United States. That tells me that he is united to us all. We are his blessing as well as he is ours. The happiness that emanates from him is beautiful to see. And the weather is truly a gift that the sun is shinning. Hopefully on Sunday it will be nice as well and if we do have some rain it will only be symbolic of our own tears that he will be leaving us to go back home. I for one am glad that he is here with us.

2 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

I was thinking of you several times today, MC!(Sunday)
I had a great day yesterday with great spiritual fellowship, was all set to meet the bus at 5:45 am and...WHAMO!
Water pipe trouble in the bathroom plumbing. What to do!?
Living in the same house with an elderly parent, and having to consider another's welfare other than my own, I had to cancel my plans. It would be a sin to go and neglect my obligations here in that condition. A real test of obedience.
What a mess all around!
So, I did pop into a local mass and caught the Papal Mass on tv all afternoon, but it was not the same.
How depressing to look at my recharged batteries and camera, bus ticket and lunch pack still all set out on the table as if waiting to be scooped up and whisked off to the bus!
The plumbing problem reminds me of the boy with his finger in the dike as I haven't had it professionally looked at yet and am trying 'bandade' solutions right now.
Enemy opposition? Perhaps. But whatever it was/is...obedience to do the right thing was the test at hand.
I am eager to hear about your Pilgrimage.

Marie Cecile said...

I'm sorry you missed out! Obedience can definitely be tough when it is not from God but from our human counterparts. When you are the means of support for another and problems arise then you do what must be done, and you did even when it meant going without for yourself.

I will be posting about it so again patience is a virtue, I tried to get some good pictures but I was seated up in the heavens and quite far for close shots.

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