April 14, 2008

It's Friday

Okay it's not Friday, but it is for me, my weekend starts at the end of my shift today. I'm not sure how a person gets used to having weekends on weekdays, but I guess in time it will be normal. In a sense it's not too bad as it allows a person to schedule appointments without loss of time from work. I'm beginning to see from the Gospel that making work important over Jesus is a no-no.

Each day upon waking it is a good morning to Jesus, then a prayer to St. Michael. I have done the best to keep my focus on Jesus throughout the day. Some moments do slip when listening to another. But it's keeping our minds in two places, that of what is of heaven and the other on what we are doing. Mainly it's keeping the focus first on God and the rest follows from there. My thoughts no matter what always go back to God when they have been focused upon something else. It's funny because I don't feel as if I am overly religious, because I have made this a way of thought for so long that it is second nature. That's why when my focus ends up on what it does not belong, it turns instantly to God to restore my focus on Him. I don't expect anyone to understand how easy it is for me to keep God first in my heart, mind, body and soul.

So on this Monday of my Friday I offer to God the world in my prayers. I pray for our Beloved Pope Benedict for a safe journey to our country. That he will touch the lives of many who will listen.

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