April 12, 2008

Getting Ready

I think I have let proccupation on what I might wear on the pilgrimage to New York take hold. Do I wear a dress or do I wear a slack suit? And then getting myself ready to leave to meet up with the travel arrangments. I set out on one of my days off to locate the place and to see how long of a time it would take to get there. Now it's going to be the time to wake up and head out. For me this is a big day, it's like a dream come true. For those of us who can't travel abroad, this is a blessing to see the Pope in our area. I pray for him everyday as well as the whole human race.

I had such a beautiful hour of Adoration with our Lord last night, he always brings a smile to my lips when I am with him. I read some more on one of the communities Charism's to find if it is one that touches me. It's part of the process of finding the right community. I continue to pray on it and hope that Jesus will continue to guide my heart in the direction he wants me in.

Work is good and getting used to handling calls. That was tough, since I get tongue tied at times. I found out that the computers we have are all donated and need updating. Unfortunately they rely on donations to get these new or used items. The American Red Cross relies on the donations of others to help the many people who lose so much from disasters. The clothes I had to give went to those yellow bins on the road side and yet I had found out that the Red Cross also takes clothing donations. I could have given them the clothes to give to those who have lost theirs through fires or some other disaster.

2 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

For me, it will be slacks and weather appropriate gear...packed lunch and all. The bus ride will be several hours to and fro, and the Mass will be in a stadium..outdoors. If it is raining...no umbrellas allowed.
I will buy a huge rain poncho if rain is predicted.(there will be some offered at the stadium).
I am trusting that all will be so that I can go as planned.
Believe it or not, I have Catholic friends who are advising against the idea of going, and some giving strange looks when I mention that I plan to go. However, I am trying to ignore their advice since they have been to Rome ..some a few times. We'll see.

Marie Cecile said...

Thinking about it, slacks are the best bet. That's a good idea too, getting a rain poncho. Now why on earth are they giving you strange looks?
I'm not much for crowds myself, but this time I will enjoy the presence of many faithful who want to be part of Mass. I wonder if the canopy over the Mass table will obstruct the view of those who are on high seat, they won't be able to see the Eucharist or the Mass for that matter.

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